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My name is Lindsey Gad and I’m a proficient mid-career designer, with 15+ years’ experience as a professional graphic artist, content marketer, video editor, project manager, event coordinator and marketer. I have a B.A. of Fine Arts (Focus in Graphic Design) from the University of Maryland.

My Medium


I work with both digital and fine art mediums. I am proficient in all of the Adobe design programs, including video editing with After Effects. I also do hand-drawn illustrations, as well as painting custom items with acrylics.

My Inspiration


Since my friends and I started becoming parents, many of my freelance projects have been inspired by our children. I love creating custom party invitations and decor, nursery graphics and hand-painted baby letters, adoption profile books, and hand-painted cranial bands.


Miracles At My Doorstep - A Musical (2016)

Introducing Wonscore 2.0 (2018)

Wonderlic Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes (2014)

Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment (2014)

Wonderlic DALO Development Process (2014)

 Why Use Wonderlic? (2011)

Luna "Gallery Showcase" (2008)

Luna Carpet 50th Anniversary (2008)

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